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Our first ever internship meet-and-greet


The first-ever intern's event happened on April 22nd, 2022! Our interns from different departments gathered in our office, in Madrid, to get to know each other, meet former interns, and learn more about the company culture and product from Joaquin Villalba, Nextail CEO & Co-Founder.

To end the event, in light of Nextail’s commitment to sustainability and Earth Day coinciding with our interns’ event, our interns took the opportunity to work on our vegetable garden at the office.

The interns' event was not only a fun opportunity to meet current and former interns, and our internship program manager, Marta Lopez. It was an extremely insightful day and gave Nextail interns the information and tips needed to make their career goals at Nextail actionable. Read more to find out some of the advise our interns recieved!

Do not be scared to present new initiatives and ideas!

Former interns who have now converted to full-time positions at Nextail spoke about the importance of being resilient, autonomous, and proactive to drive a successful internship at Nextail.

Meet and connect!

Throughout the event, our interns learned about the importance of meeting Nextailers from other teams. As a remote-first company, pooling from coffee chats, slack channels, and other resources in place is essential to build a network for yourself and to gain a deeper understanding of Nextail, its solutions and customers.

Keep track of your progress!

Interns got advised to keep track of their progress by reporting on the work they have done and the things they have learned. Moreover, as a fast-growing company, interns should never forget to give visibility to their work because everybody is managing multiple projects and sometimes the projects you are working on might be missed; use email, slack channels, and meetings to share your accomplishments. 

Take a little sneak peek into what the day looked like for our interns...

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