About us

Agile inventory optimisation and execution for any retailer

Nextail is a VC-funded retail tech startup on a mission to lead the agile retail revolution.

Nextail's cloud-based platform improves inventory allocation and store operations for e-commerce and physical retailers through the use of prescriptive analytics, optimisation and artificial intelligence. Nextail algorithms, developed in-house using fast-fashion operational best-practices, enable organisations to move away from static processes to dynamic processes based on quick, automated decision-making. Ultimately, we help retailers better align supply and demand and as a consequence, dramatically improve how consumers find and buy products. 

Nextail works with leading fashion and cosmetics retailers including Kiko Milano, Stefanel, Gocco and Melon Fashion Group, to optimise their stock worldwide.

Our team

The people behind our company

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Founded by Joaquin Villalba and Carlos Miragall in 2014, our team is now made up of 45 people from over 10 countries, working with passion to transform retail. After only two years we made it onto the CB Insights list of startups transforming retail, and were awarded Best Startup Team and Best Lifestyle & Fashion Startup at South Summit 2017, the leading startup conference in Europe.

Our team is currently based in Spain, Russia and Italy and we have further expansion plans in the pipeline as we progress towards our Series A and Series B fundraising rounds.

You can see who makes up the team here.

Perks & Benefits

A selection of what we have to offer

  • Flexibility in remote work and office hours
  • Periodic company get-togethers/ outings
  • Compensation that includes a fixed + variable salary
  • Company equity as we progress towards our Series A and B fundraising rounds


What we stand for

As our startup grows, it becomes more important to have a solid organisational culture and clear values that everybody relates to in order to work better as a team. That is why we have defined our company values as a team, after talking about what it means to be a Nextailer. 

So how did we define our values? We summarised them into three key values;

  • Passion: We love solving complex issues through technology. We have fun working together and happily go the extra mile to achieve our goals.

  • Innovation: We don’t challenge competitors, we disrupt them by using the latest technologies and fast-forwarding to the future with creativity. 

  • Impact: We want to truly make the retail world a better place, a place where a consumer walks into a store and easily finds what they are looking for, and where retailers can quickly react to the needs of their business.

Check out our blog to find out why we chose these as our core values.


Welcome to the agile retail revolution

Head Office Location

Calle de Carbonero y Sol, 12, Madrid

Nextail office

Calle de Carbonero y Sol, 12
28006 Madrid