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Product Gathering

17/05/2022 - 19/05/2022

From May 17th to May 19th, 2022, the product team came together at the Nextail house for a team gathering. During the three-day gathering, the product team had three main objectives: to get to know themselves, their teammates, and other Nextailers, to deepen their understanding of Nextail and its customers, and to review their communication processes. Carlos Seguin, then VP of Product, has provided a retrospect on the gathering.

Why did this gathering happen?

As a remote-first company, these gatherings are a great asset to meet, connect and have some fun with the people we work with daily. Being a remote-first company has many benefits, however, at times it can be hard. Therefore, these gatherings happen quarterly so that we can break some of the barriers that come with working from home.

Not only that, but these gatherings are also a great opportunity to review our work as a team. We took advantage of the fact that we were all together to reevaluate our processes and priorities. It is nice to reflect and strategize around a physical whiteboard and with everybody together. 

How was this gathering valuable for the team?

The gathering allowed us to bond at a deeper and personal level. Additionally, coming together at the Nextail house, in Madrid, meant that we got to meet Nextailers from other teams. For instance, some of the people we met, at the house, we had been talking to for more than a year and never actually met in person. It is priceless to meet people who have been supporting you all along. 

Aside from that, teamwork! Getting with the team in a room and just getting stuff done. During the gathering, we finally tackled initiatives that have been longing for a while, you know you need them because it makes the team better but it's harder to push them in our day-to-day. During the gathering, we got it done, as a team, and it was a great feeling.

What did you do during these three days?

With our main objectives in mind, during these three days, we had several activities. To get to know ourselves and each other better, we had a workshop where we discussed the product career path, its main competencies, and what’s expected from us at each level of seniority. Then we auto-evaluated ourselves against those competencies to identify our individual weaknesses that need to be worked with our managers. We also conducted a personality test to know ourselves better, and to learn more about our teammates. The main goal of this personality test was to promote empathy. To learn more about our business and fashion retailers, as a team, we also visited a Zara store, to pick sensations and try to guess the decisions behind layout and assortment. Finally, to review our communication processes, we tidied our roadmap and discussed ways to communicate it more simply. With that in mind, we reviewed our feedback processes to ensure active listening.

Argentine Asado

We have an international team. Therefore, to celebrate a successful gathering, some of our Argentine teammates prepared an Asado in our garden!

Final remarks

These gatherings are not just useful, they are a must! 

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